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01avidinterplaylogoDrastic integrates into an Avid ecosystem seamlessly, providing input/output, transcoding and other useful features. Save time and maximize your efficiency by using the tools you prefer in conjunction with your Avid, and implementing the workflow best suited to your particular environment.


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Drastic Products offer an easy way to get files into and out of your Avid. Import or capture directly to Avid file types. Export or transcode Avid files to the type you need. Preview your files, or output to hardware, with support for closed captions. Use other editing applications to handle your Avid files.

Signal Analysis for Avid

Drastic's 2110Scope, HDRScope, and 4KScope products provide a ScopeDirect OpenIO plugin for Avid that allows users to monitor the main output directly from Avid Media Composer software without SDI/HDMI or IP Video being used to connect them. There is an article on how to set this up located here. Also, all of the signal analysis products support Avid's NDI output, for local network content sharing.

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MediaReactor AMA Importer and Exporter

The MediaReactor AMA Importer can import camera formats like Raw, DNG, cDNG, RMF and CINE. Furthermore, it imports common production formats including DPX (compressed and YCbCr), a wide variety of MXF, GXF, LXF and MTS, and 64 bit direct MOV, AVI, *XF files. The MediaReactor AMA Exporter provides easy export to a wide range of industry standard file types. Both Windows and macOS are supported. While working in 3rd party editing platforms such as Assimilate SCRATCH, Nucoda, Premiere and Final Cut Pro, we can provide direct read of Avid OP-Atom and Avid OP1a (all codecs), and offer legacy OMFi read support. Our tools let you export directly to OP-Atom in Avid MediaFiles, and directly read and write AAF ANC data. Available for Windows and macOS.

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FlowCaster Remote Collaboration for Avid

FlowCaster creates an Open I/O board in Avid creative software like Media Composer. As a virtual video board, it can send the same high quality audio, video and captions from a real or virtual machine to wherever you are doing your creative work for output on a 'third monitor'. There is an article on how to set this up located here. FlowCaster also supports Avid's NDI output, so you can send your local content out as any of the IP stream types supported by FlowCaster.

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ccConvert allows you to input SCC, MCC, AAF and embedded media closed captions. For output, the user can export to MCC and AAF, and upconvert from 608 to 708. We include VerifyCC, which checks and verifies header information, time code validity, preface, size, count and count matching, checksum, valid 708, valid 608 and many more aspects of your closed captions. Available for Windows.

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Net-X-Code Server

Net-X-Code is offered as a multi-server, enterprise application suite for Windows, macOS and Linux. Net-X-Code interfaces provide direct OP-Atom capture to Avid MediaFiles, as well as capture to most other standard formats. Also you can preview/output MXF OP-Atom, OP1a and MOV DNxHD with wide codec support for playback. Built-in VTR control and optional VTR/DDR emulation round out the feature set of these intuitive yet powerful interfaces.

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videoQC combines a media player with a suite of video and audio analysis and playback tools with both visual and automated quality checking tools. videoQC decodes closed captions including AAF, and offers an export check (AS-11, AS-02, P2 etc.) It is a perfect solution for low res/high res visual comparison. Available in Windows and macOS.

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For more than two decades, Drastic™ has been developing cutting edge digital video solutions for television, post production and sports broadcasting, from real time web delivery to 8K broadcast.

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