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Considering Net-X-Code?

We recommend that customers ensure that the product fully meets their needs before any purchase. The Net-X-Code suite is a series of interconnected applications, (Net-X-Cmd, Net-X-Code, Net-X-Server, Net-X-Copy, Net-X-Player, videoQC, Media File Scanner, and MediaReactor Workstation) some or all of which may be required for your solution.

Let's Discuss Your Application

Please send us an email to and let us know any details you can share about your application. This will help us determine which components you should test. For more detailed information on the product, you can also see the manual.


Software Pricing

Net-X-Code Server: $9,995.00 US

Provides the API/REST/HTML interface Net-X-Base, Net-X-Cmd (server controller), Net-X-Convert (file conversion and partial file restore), Net-X-Proxy (MP4 HLS DASH and MP3 proxy generation), Net-X-SDI (4 channel SDI input and output) ccEmbed/ccExtract (closed caption manipulation), Net-X-Schedule (capture recording scheduler), Net-X-Player (HTML5 player with edit while record), Net-X-Stream (IP stream capture and playback TS/h264/h265/JPEG2000/MPEG2/RTP/RTSP/S2110/S2022/TR01) for first group of 4 IP streams.

Net-X-Code Channel: $2,495.00 US

Per additional channel (IP stream capture and playback TS/h264/h265/JPEG2000/MPEG2, RTP/RTSP/S2110/S2022/TR-01).

Media File Scanner: $7,495.00 US

Automatically scan local, network or S3 shares. Create metadata, thumbnails, proxy, mezzanine and MD5 for each clip, including clips within camera card directories.

Commissioning: $2,500.00 US

One time Net-X-Code / Media File Scanner setup and commissioning fee, required for first install.

Support Option
We also offer the Drastic Maintenance and Support Program for 15% of retail price, per year. This option provides priority technical support, bug fixes, and all version upgrades.

Drastic Catalog 2024
Catalog_piconWe offer a pricing and a brief description for each of our products in the Drastic Catalog. You can click the image to the right to view a PDF.

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