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Front Panel Controllers

fpc chipDrastic server software supports different front panel options:  The original 422 Jog/shuttle, the 4 line LCD with command keys and the newest touch screen VGAs.  This page describes the configuration for these front panels.

For version 3 the configuration is stored in the Windows Registry under this key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Drastic Technologies\VVW\Panel.  In version 4 and greater, these settings are stored in the config.xml file under \VVW\Panel.

BaudRate = 19,200 – The speed at which to talk to the panel. Must be 19,200

ComPort = 3 – Which com port the front panel driver is appearing as. Normally 3 or 4.

Enable = 1 – Must be set to one to work

LCDType = 0 – Panel type. Only 635s are supported currently.

SetPowerUp = 0 – Set this to 1 to flash the startup screen into the panel. Will automatically reset to 0 after the software is run.


Here is a diagram of the 4 line LCD with command keys:


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