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How to License Drastic Products

lic chipDrastic's software products install and will run without a license, but will feature a number of restrictions. We are happy to provide you with a fully functional temporary license if you would like to test our software. Here are details on how to obtain a license.

You Will Need a License

If you run Drastic software without a license, many of the features will be unavailable. Also, there will be watermarks you cannot remove (image below), 10 second media duration, length of run limitations, no hardware support, nag screen, auto-shutoff, and other significant limitations. Please get a temp license if you intend to test our products.


Sample watermarks

On first run, specific Drastic software will open a licensing options dialog. One of the options allows you to get a temporary demo license online. For all other Drastic software, or to get a permanent license, you will need to run the offline licensing application, enter your name and email address into the licensing form, and send us a site code via email, with your request, to get a reply with a key. Note: permanent licenses are provided upon receipt of payment only.

Here are more details on licensing specific software products.


Upon first run, ndiScope, sdiScope, 4KScope, HDRScope, and 2110Scope provide the following licensing options dialog:

lic sdi 001

Full License

assumes you have received a Site Key or Product Key for a permanent license. Pressing the Full License/Activate the Product button opens the following window:


If you have had a temp license the name and email address fields should already be filled. Otherwise, enter a name and email address. If you have received a Product Key from a third party vendor, it will arrive along with instructions on how to apply it. If you have received a Site Key from Drastic, press the Offline button to open the licensing application and proceed as described in the Offline section (below)

Request Trial

allows you to enter a name and email, and click to receive a temporary license online. Pressing the Request Trial button opens the Trial Request dialog:

trialrequest enterthedetails

Enter your name and email address into the dialog, and press the Send button. You should see a License processed successfully dialog.

lic sdi 003

Press the Yes button to open the license application.


Check your inbox for the email containing a trial key. Copy the key and paste it into the Site Key field. Press the Register button and restart Drastic software to enable the license.

Offline Registration

opens the licensing application directly, so you can generate a site code. If you have requested a temporary license, and it seems to be taking a long time to get a reply, you can use this method to send a site code directly to our attention.


The name and email address fields may already be filled. Otherwise, enter a name and email address and press the Generate button. This will populate the Site Code field. Copy the site code and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., along with a note about which product you'd like a license for.

We will reply with a Site Key, which you should copy and paste into the Site Key field. Press the Register button to close the licensing application, then restart any Drastic software to enable the license.

Web Sign In

Web Sign In will be used for validating accounts for users of, once the paywall is in place. It currently does nothing.








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